Equipment & Technologies

In addition to the wide variety of crane models owned by the company, Skyline Cranes & Technologies’ groundbreaking R&D department constantly develops and manufactures new and innovative technologies at the company’s logistic center in Israel

Skyline's technological solutions have been registered as patents, placing the company at the technological and professional forefront of the Israeli and international crane sector

An innovative and unique signage system for cranes

Exclusive tower cranes
climbing methods as never seen before

An independent lifting device capable of inserting freight within the building's floor, safely and efficiently

The Anti Collision System manages and prevents the collision of cranes

Skyline is the owner of the largest crane fleet and inventory in Israel

We take pride in exclusively representing leading international tower crane manufacturers

Additional services and solutions provided to our customers
A large array of capable, experienced technicians and service personal
A fleet of fully equipped service vehicles
A custom tower crane metal factory
An electro-mechanical workshop, an advanced repair lab and a locksmith's workshop
A large flee of tower cranes and auxiliary equipment (including planting columns, bonding frames, spare parts, and more.)
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