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Skyline offers you, the client, full resources – cranes of various sizes and configurations to suit every requirement, a large array of available technicians and service personnel, and decades of experience in hundreds of projects of all kinds.  These methods allow us to provide you with a wide range of solutions, alternatives and services, for every problem and requirement

Skyline offers its customers full resources in the Tower Crane industry

The service department at Skyline employs more than 20 technicians and includes mobile service

Each project, however small, begins with detailed engineering desig to determine customer needs

Metal Factory Skyline firm is manned of over 20 skilled and experienced workers

The Crane Assembly and Dismantling Department consists of a highly experienced team

We believe that safety comes first; therefore, we invest countless hours and great efforts

The professional and skilled purchase team at Skyline, handles the company’s purchase

Skyline recommends to companies who own Tower cranes to consider the numerous advantages

Skyline’s cranes are maintained in a systematic and meticulous way under strict international standards

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