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The Advantages of working with us

  • Continuous work on site
    Skyline’s cranes are maintained in a systematic and meticulous way under strict international standards. Every crane passes a rigorous quality check before being taken out and receives initiated monthly preventive maintenance at the customer’s site.
    This ensures continuous work on site with minimum malfunctions or unnecessary delays

  • Quick response to malfunctions
    We are aware of the importance of a quick solution to problems and are committed to the fastest possible reaction times.Skyline has a large array of capable, experienced and available technicians and service personal, including a large electro-mechanical workshop and a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles consisting of spare parts and accessories at the disposal of the costumer- all included in the rental fees.
    Our quick reaction to any malfunction minimizes any obstructions on site.

  • Personal consultation and guidance for uncompromising service
    Every customer receives initial professional consultation and ongoing guidance. With clients renting tower cranes for the first time we provide a more detailed consultation including close personal treatment and special on site instruction and guidance throughout the project.No project is too small or too complex- we are at your service any time and any place and are committed to offer all our customers excellent service and fair treatment.

  • One-stop-source
    A complete and comprehensive solution to your varied needs, all under one roof.
    Skyline offers its customers full resources: tower cranes in various sizes for every requirement, a large and available array of technicians and service personnel and our experience spanning over decades in numerous projects. This allow us to offer you a wide variety of solutions, alternatives and services to match every problem, need and requirement- leasing, dismantling and assembly, maintenance, reconstruction and improvement of tower cranes, purchasing and selling of cranes (including parts, planting columns, bonding frames, spare parts, etc.) and more.
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