Metal Plant

The Skyline metal plant consists of a large crew of skilled and experienced professionals, holding a 6G welding qualification, specializing in overhaul, renovation, locksmith’s work and welding of tower cranes. The plant’s staff offers professional consultation and close hand guidance throughout the project

  • Execution of all locksmith work
  • A periodical fracture testing and fault repair
  • Overhaul and furbishing of chains to ensure movement elimination
  • General crane overhaul, including arms, transfer chains and elevation cages
  • Furbishing of operator cabins, including upgrading them with air conditioning
  • Manufacturing foundation legs by specification, including on-site positioning and leveling
  • Manufacturing of base weights according to the customer's demand
  • Tower crane paint work
  • Adjustment of cranes according to the Aviation Administration's requirements
  • Crane design, manufacturing and binding
  • Manufacturing specific support beams for placing cranes on any foundation
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