The Advantages of Leasing over Purchasing cranes

Skyline recommends to companies who own tower cranes to consider the numerous advantages of outsourcing as part of the on going trend seen in Israel and worldwide.

Many construction companies that used to own cranes prefer leasing them and benefiting from the complete maintenance received throughout the term of the project.

As an integral part of our line of activity we purchase cranes from construction companies and contractors and lease them only the cranes they require, in preferred terms.
These companies enjoy many benefits as follows:

  • Cash flow - leasing cranes allow directing the high costs of purchase to areas in which the contractor has a relative advantage and that will generate high income.
  • Budgeting and pricing- leasing a Tower crane in a pre-set price enables precise project budgeting without unexpected expenses.
  • Operational flexibility- leasing Tower cranes allows the contractor to avoid the maintenance and acquisition of the varied equipment required on each project. We will provide you with the crane you need at the time and place it is required.
  • Manpower- leasing allows you to save on professional manpower or expensive service providers for crane maintenance (even when they are not in use).
  • Spare part inventory- leasing annuls the need to maintain a stock of expensive spare parts.
  • Storage- leasing releases the contractor from the high storage expenses of cranes that are not in use and require large and expensive storage (rent, landed property taxes, etc.)
  • High level of maintenance- leasing saves you the high expenses of maintenance and repairs required to prepare a crane before each time it's being assembled on site. At Skyline we offer you equipment constantly maintained at the highest level- all included in the rental fees.
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