Climbing Tower Cranes

The urban trend of high-rising construction that can be found in major metropolitan centers such as New York, Shanghai and Dubai can also be seen in Israel. SKYLINE Cranes changed the Israeli high rise construction scene by introducing the Climbing Luffing Tower Cranes that now tower above the most prominent projects in Israel.

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The traditional method is based on placing the crane on a ground-bound foundation, proceeding to rise using mask sections that are bolted together as the tower crane is erected. The new method releases the crane from the need to be ground-attached and instead allows the cranes to “climb up” the structure’s exterior concrete walls while the building is still in the process of construction.
In fact, Skyline has introduced some adjustments and improvements into the new method and accustomed it to the Israeli needs following requirements put forward by contractors. Using designated folding steel beams with flexible joints, produced at Skyline’s logistic center in Israel and are patented worldwide, the cranes are leveraged on the building’s exterior walls, while leaving the structure’s skeleton fully intact! This frees the contractor from having to go back to fill the gaps and holes in the structure, while the cranes are anchored to the internal part of the structure.
Ultimately, this method cuts down on execution time and saves considerable mask sections and construction costs.

On leading projects such as MIDTOWN project (Developer: Canada-Israel Group. Contractor: Electra Construction), ALON TOWERS project (Developer B.S.R Group. Contractors: Electra construction and Ashtrom Engineering), and The SHACHAR TOWER (Developer B.S.R Group. Contractor Tidhar Construction), we climbed on the towers’ concrete core structure using Skyline’s unique folding steel structure providing great advantage in terms of climbing efficiency and use of steel.

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