Independent feeding system for building materials

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Contractors and professionals in the construction sector face tremendous stress in large-scale construction sites and it is known that one of the implications is a substantial shortage of lifting arms, mainly when it is time for finishing works.

They find themselves challenged by a backlog in loading materials, leading os an additional stress placed on the work team and a delay in timetables. Furthermore, the crane arm dictates a fixed limitation in the method of entering the load into the building’s floors. It can convey the load up to the threshold of the floor without being able to place it without the building. All this generated an extremely widespread demand for more than another lifting arm, but to one that would be able to easily insert the load into the floors under construction.

לצפיה בסרטון

To address these limitations, we have created the Skyline Feeder, an innovative feeding device designed and devlopment by Aviv Carmel from Skyline.
This is a lifting arm that can load into the building any freight such as blocks, drywall, glass, aluminum, plumbing materials, flooring, and many more.

The Feeder lifts the load with stability to the desired floor and then enters it 3 to 4 meters into the building and gently lays the load in place.


Since the Feeder inserts the load deep into the building instead o fplacing it at the threshold of the floor, it saves the workers the need to wait for the load close to the edge and drag the materials in. This way, in addition to the efficiency and comfort, the Feeder provides am immense safety advantage, while saving in time and effort.


  • The Feeder is capable of hoisting and carrying a considerable load and can be employed in any project type, ranging from small buildings, to industrial structures to skyscrapers.
  • The feeder comprises of a long beam anchored to the structure. It can be used for loading into one building or, if positioned between two, into both, as can be seen in the Alon Towers project.
  • When the feeder should be elevated, the building’s crane is used to lift it and then it is anchored to its new place in the desired floor.
  • The feeder is powered by a mobile control system, controlling the lifting and lowering of the beam. This reflects another advantage of the Feeder – the finishing work contractors enjoy nearly full independence. Anyone can operate it – no crane operator license required.
  • The Feeder is already operated with flying colors in large-scale and lucrative projects such as the Ashtrom’s Alon Towers and Electra Construction’s Midtown Towers
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