Sky Sign – Safe digital signage for tower cranes

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The tower crane banners and signs are a well known concern.
The sealed banners and illuminated characters presently used could turn into a dangerous wind catching sail that may influence the crane’s stability, rotational velocity and braking capability, becoming a safety hazard.

In fact, the current state of tower crane signage is as follows:

  • Signs that fail to meet the crane configuration and manufacturer’s specification
  • Unsafe and unregulated signage
  • Arbitrary choice of the sign’s location and size
  • Lack of regulation and a comprehensive solution
  • Partial enforcement by Ministry of Labor’s inspectors and safety examiners

The solution: SKY SIGN – an innovative and unique digital sign system for cranes (patent pending)

SKY SIGN  is an innovative and safe digital signage system for cranes. A modular screen, made up of state-of-the-art LED profiles, adjusted to any crane’s safety configuration and providing outstanding  visibility.

The enhanced enforcement of removing standard tower crane signs lead us to produce a new generation of signs specifically built for tower cranes. The display unit is comprised of state-of-the-art LED profiles adjusted to daytime, nighttime and all-weather visibility.
Putting the LED profiles together generates a screen, similar to a shading blind, adjusted to the crane’s safety configuration; the content of the sign and its method of display can be remotely controlled.
This is a modular solution specially adjusted for each crane model, employing the profound understanding and familiarity we have of the cranes’ structure and limitations.
The structure of the new sign reduces by at least 50% the sail formation, presently existing in signs and considerably reduces the safety hazards that go with it.
The gaps between the profiles allow wind to pass through, hence reducing the ever so dangerous sail effect, yet retain a maximal advertising area size.

The content published on the digital signs is controlled and accessed from afar, and can be replaced anytime, based on time sharing . The “time sharing system” allows several advertisers to share the same digital screen, their ads rotating on a set of sequence, diminishing the contractors and stakeholders demand for placing different signs throughout the crane.

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