Tower Cranes

Skyline is the owner of the largest crane fleet and inventory in Israel, applicable to a wide range of projects, and services approx. 400 of its client’s tower cranes. Taking part in the market’s most complex and prominent construction projects, ranging from high-rising residential and office towers, shopping malls, private homes neighborhoods, hospitals, parking lots, stadiums, defense industries structures and more.


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  • Luffing Cranes
    These are used for building towers and skyscrapers, built in increasing numbers in Israel. These cranes are typified by a raising arm to shorten or extend the working radius. Luffing cranes are operated independently of one another and their arms are pointed upwards. Such configuration allows a leverage radius of approximately 4 meters and a short back arms of about 8 meters, their range of motion is wide, yet they require a reduced area for operation. 3 to 5 luffing cranes can be positions on top of one building simultaneously (10 meters apart from one another), hence optimizing and considerably cutting down the project’s length

  • Topless Cranes
    Topless or Flat Top Cranes are typified by the lack of a “tip” or the traditional “crane head.” This configuration allows an extensive maneuvering with an overlap of crane arms, flexibility in planning and positioning as well as optimized operation in a site with many cranes. In fact, the Topless Crane allows a minimal height difference of approximately 5 meters between the crane’s hook and its top and shortening its arms to 20 meters. When working with cranes in overlap in a working environment, this is a crucial advantage, allowing concentration of as many cranes as possible in the required area, maximizing the efficiency and reaching the optimal product

  • Derrick Cranes
    Derrick Cranes can be assembled on top of roofs or high-rising buildings to help lift power units and cooling systems. They are efficient even when the crane cannot be lowered of dismantled with an auxiliary crane in heights of up to 300 meters

  • City Tower Cranes
    These are small and medium sized cranes with a structure designed for quick assembly. These cranes can carry up to 5 tons in low to medium heights. They are very suitable for very dense sites
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